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Cybersecurity Advisors
to Directors and Officers

Pragmatic advice. Proven results.
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We work with directors and officers in both public and private companies who seek pragmatic, strategic cybersecurity advice. Our advisors are experienced operators from premier organizations, well versed in the complexities of evaluating and mitigating cybersecurity risk. 

Our approach is simple


We engage, partner to address specific matters, then depart


Insights based on context and empirical evidence


With no other products or services, no vested interest in any particular outcome


Delivering efficient, direct, and clear communications


Recognizing the sensitivity of the information and decisions involved

Our Services

Our Services are carefully designed to meet the unique needs of directors and officers (D&O) who are responsible for the oversight of cybersecurity risks.   

We provide specific, tailored advice to help the D&O community establish a shared understanding of the risks facing the organization, as well as the resources, processes, and priorities required to provide effective governance and oversight across the organization.  

Board Advisory Services:

Board Oversight Maturation


Effective oversight of cybersecurity risk has always been challenging, but the complexities of digital transformation and the increasing demands of the SEC combine to require specialized skills and new methods.

Cybersecurity Advisory Board 


Cybersecurity advisory boards are emerging as a cost-effective method for augmenting the D&O team with deep expertise in key areas.

Board Candidate Evaluation 


Directors are increasingly expected to provide sophisticated oversight of cybersecurity matters, making this domain of expertise increasingly important when evaluating potential directors. 

Coaching and Mentoring


Directors face a dizzying array of buzzwords and concepts. We can help with discreet coaching to help Directors communicate clearly with cybersecurity experts

Officer Advisory Services:

Assessment and Benchmarking 


Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving endeavor. Adversaries are continuously innovating, requiring similar innovation in our defenses. Providing effective governance of cybersecurity requires an objective method of measurement. 

Leadership Development


Cybersecurity is a deep domain of expertise requiring technical acumen, suitable management, and effective leadership.  We can provide an objective, respectful, and candid assessment.

Cybersecurity Maturation


Maturation is a continuous journey, with specific, measurable results delivered in accordance with a time-bound plan.  We will work with your executive team to define realistic goals, mobilize project teams as needed to realize those goals.

Cybersecurity Risk Analysis


Review and decide which risk to accept, which to mitigate, and which to transfer based upon financial analysis and technical understanding.

Our People

Experienced executive advisors from premier organizations.


Our Executive Heritage

Senior leadership credentials from premier organizations

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Our Clients share a common challenge:  
the need to defend critical infrastructure assets from cyber adversaries

Clients range in size from Fortune 500 to G2000, representing all industries. But with a primary focus on financial services and energy sectors. 

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